Alumni Perspectives


Yue Chen

MFE 23

A career move from the court to quant

Large Wall Street Financial Firm
New York, NY

Rui Wang

MFE 23

Embrace the change

Investment Research Associate
Boston, MA

Ruchir Sharma

MFE 23

Curriculum tailored to the real world

U.S. Economist
New York, NY

Dmitry Silantyev

MFE 22

Dedicated to the game

Equity Exotics Trader
New York, NY

Coco Tsai

MFE 22

A sustainable career

Senior Associate, Quantitative Strategies
New York, NY

Apeksha Jain

MFE 22

Career-driven curriculum, collaborative culture

VP, Quantitative Risk Manager
New York, NY

Tomer Amit

MFE 21

Learning from and getting to know great minds

DE Shaw Group
New York, NY

Renee Reynolds

MFE 21

The thought, science, and art of quant trading

Data Scientist
San Francisco, CA

Yashoraj Tyagi

MFE 20

Learning the tricks of the trade

Chief Operation Officer & CTO
Mumbai, India

Xuening (Cathy) Cui

MFE 20

Gain the coding fluency needed in the real world

Quantitative Research Analyst
New York, NY

Gary Finkelstein

MFE 20

Bridge to your next career step

DV Trading, LLC

Yifan Zhao

MFE 19

A practical program that emphasizes career over science

Private Market Portfolio Construction Associate
New York, NY

Jules Landry-Simard

MFE 18

Job in Data Science Delivers Positive Impact

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
San Francisco, CA

Yasmine Moulehiawy

MFE 18

One of the Best Programs of its Kind

FX Options Trader, VP
Morgan Stanley
New York, New York

Pedro Zonari

MFE 18

A Move to the Sell Side

New York, NY

German Ramirez

MFE 18

A Job Tackling the Big Questions

VP, Quantitative Research Analyst
Newport Beach, CA

Ivan Nurminsky

MFE 18

Opening Doors to Unique Opportunities

Portfolio Manager
Dymon Asia Capital

Georgina Wang

MFE 18

A Program that Creates Vital Connections

Equity Derivatives Trader
Beijing, China

Guyu Xue

MFE 18

An MFE That Looks to the Future

Software Engineer
New York, NY

Winnie Yu

MFE 18

From Microeconomics to the Buy Side

Senior Quantitative Analyst
PanAgora Asset Management
Boston, MA

Shiyu Du

MFE 18

Pragmatic Preparation for a Demanding Sector

Quantitative Trader
Goldman Sachs
New York, NY

Shravan Sunkada

MFE 18

The Best Degree to Integrate Finance and Data Science

Data Science Manager
San Francisco, CA

Achuthan Sekar

MFE 18

Open Mind & New Perspectives

Quantitative Research Manager
Arrowstreet Capital
Boston, MA

Maïté Soubeyran

MFE 17

Gain the Skills and Connections to Move from Theory to Practice

VP - Quantitative Analyst in the Structured Rates Team
RBC Capital Markets
New York, NY

Alexander Olson

MFE 17

Delivering the Skills Data Science Demands

Product Data Scientist Waymo
Mountain View, CA

Jonathan Humphreys

MFE 17

Be Ready for Impact from Day One on the Job

Business Operations
Cash App
New York, NY

Victoria Li

MFE 17

Berkeley MFEs Raise the Bar

Quant Researcher
San Francisco, CA

Adam Plantinga

MFE 17

Learning to Flex a New Set of Muscles

VP CLO Trading
BNP Paribas
New York, NY

Juan Rassa

MFE 17

Using Data Science to Promote Transparency

Data Scientist
Menlo Park, CA

Jimmy Feng

MFE 17

Applying Data Science to Finance

Data Scientist
San Francisco, CA

John Brodie Gay

MFE 16

Learning to Ask Better Questions

VP Research
San Francisco, CA

Chad Wildman

MFE 15

Preparation for the Most Challenging and Exciting Parts of the Industry

Head of Muni Quant Strategies and Electronic Trading
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

Charu Arora

MFE 14

Polished and Comprehensive Quant Skills

Executive Director, Quant/Desk Strategist, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

Aude Barthelemy

MFE 13

Coursework with the Right Balance of Theory and Practice

Vice President, Derivative Analysis
Goldman Sachs
New York, NY

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