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Tomer Amit

MFE 21

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Professors' office hours are perfect for the one-on-one experience of talking with these world-class minds and experts.

Projects build skills and demonstrate abilities

The emphasis on teamwork and independent projects is valuable. Real-world projects are a great way to build skills and demonstrate to potential employers that you know how to use them.

For our industry project, my teammate and I developed a strategy for a hedge fund. He knew options and I knew equities, so we leveraged each other’s knowledge. We followed the same flow—reading, research, data selection and analysis—that the industry expects.

The IAQF competition question addressed the important real-world problem of carbon emissions and gas prices, a topic I knew little about. Our teacher, Kevin Coldiron, was an excellent mentor.

Data science, machine learning, and social impact

The program focuses on both data science and machine learning—two of the most important trends in finance. The curriculum and professors have adapted to new topics and approaches.

The guest speakers brought concepts to life. Hearing about ESG criteria reminded me of our responsibility to leverage the tools and skills we learned here to have a positive impact on the world at large.

You could tell that teaching is not a chore for our professors. They really want to be in the classroom, sharing their knowledge and insights. They—and all the staff—really cared about our experience and our success.

A degree and a culture that inspire confidence

I chose an MFE degree because I wanted to explore the technical aspects of finance. The one-year format was attractive because it meant I could get back into the field quickly.

Employers have confidence in the level of skill and expertise that Berkeley Haas MFE grads bring to the table. It is a sort of seal of approval.

My boss and my boss’s boss are both Berkeley Haas MFE grads. There is a natural affinity with each other because we share a foundation and culture.

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Associate, Fixed Income Strategies
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

Job Prior to Berkeley Haas

Senior Quantitative Researcher
Tel Aviv

Previous Degrees

MS and BS, Mathematics 
Tel Aviv University 

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