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Shiyu Du

MFE 18

Quantitative Trader
Goldman Sachs

I had not had any previous, systematic education in finance. My first Masters degree prepared me well for a management or consultant position, but I realized I wanted the challenges of doing real math and programming. The MFE prepared me to do that.

Business school setting amplifies networking

Being part of the Haas School of Business was very important to me. Because we are going to work in businesses, the networking is better than it would be than if the MFE were in a school of engineering or a math department. Our coursework projects focused on applying theories in the real world.

Polishing interview skills

From the very start, the career services staff helped me present myself professionally. They helped me shape my résumé so it became an effective passport that led to interviews. In mock interviews, I got to practice how to talk with company representatives, to make smooth transitions in an interview and make a good impression.

Collaboration and extraordinary peers

Berkeley Haas students and alumni may not always agree or share the same opinion, but we respect our differences and view the process of understanding the difference and resolving the conflicts as a way of progressing.

We worked in teams for almost every course. Sometimes team members all have strong opinions. It was quite a valuable experience that we debated and discussed to converge on a single idea. Being able to collaborate and compromise are essential skills on the job.

I am always inspired by the rigorous standards that the MFE program and students hold themselves to. It is the environment where everyone is working hard to pursue their better self. You see that after graduation, among MFE alums practicing the standards in their work and life. That spirit gives you an immediate common experience when you connect to an MFE alum.

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Quantitative Intern

Eigen Investment

Shanghai City, China

Previous Degrees

MS, Engineering/Industrial Management

Duke University

North Carolina

BS, Nuclear Science & Technology

Fudan University


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