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Apeksha Jain

MFE 22

VP, Quantitative Risk Manager

The curriculum is front-loaded to prepare you for internship interviews.

A new role in a new company

Having worked at JPMorgan Chase, I appreciate the liberty I have at Exos to mix it up, to work with other teams, like asset management.

I started out interviewing for a data engineering role, but in an interview process that felt very organic and transparent, we agreed that risk would be a better fit.

Thanks to my MFE studies, I understand the models I work with at a much more molecular level.

A business school environment adds depth

Because finance is a network-driven industry, being able to develop networks among MBA students is an advantage.

It was good to work on projects with MBA students where we could contribute the technical, quant expertise that the teams otherwise lacked.

Professors in the business school and across the university welcomed me to audit courses like Statistics and Game Theory.

An opportunity to test your skills and to be tested

The competitions are intense, enriching, and fun!

In the Citadel Data Option competition, you have one week to find and research a topic, write it up and present it. I competed twice and learned so much.

My first industry project was eye-opening. A start-up, Unison, gives homeowners access to the equity in their homes without taking out loans, while offering investors efficient access to the equity in owner-occupied real estate. There were so many factors to consider in new ways.

A path to new perspectives

My previous roles were technical and quant-oriented. Here, I met people with more qualitative perspectives.

I gained an understanding of the relationship between numbers and economics, for example.

Working in multi-disciplinary groups and being able to work with various groups expanded my thinking.

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Analytics Research Intern, Multi-Asset Class Team

Axioma, Inc.

New York, New York

Previous Degree

MS, Mathematics

BE, Computer Science

Birla Institute of Technology & Science



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