Faculty & Industry Leaders

Pioneers and Practitioners

Our faculty are both thought leaders and practitioners in quantitative finance and data science. Their groundbreaking research has moved the field forward with the development of financial instruments, software, and strategies.

These pioneering scholars are joined by some of the leading minds in today’s financial and technology communities. All of them integrate their work, whether research or practice, into the classroom. You benefit from being among the first to learn of faculty's discovery of the theories and frameworks that will shape the future of the industry. This gives you an edge in becoming part of the next generation of innovators yourself.

Insights from Industry Experts

In our Finance Practice Seminars, you'll hear from an impressive list of featured speakers from companies such as AQR, BlackRock, Citadel, Goldman Sachs, Unison, and Uber.

In your first term, seminars address the types of jobs available to MFE graduates and the skills needed to contribute to a firm’s mission. In the second term, the scope broadens to explore transformation in the financial sector, developing products to meet new needs, and evolving data and information systems, among others.

Ivan Nurminsky, MFE 18

Ivan Nurminsky

MFE 18

Director, Quant Trading
Aralian Capital

"I really enjoyed living and learning at such a high level of intellectual challenge. The faculty is stellar. Conversations with them raise your game and remind you of the value of intellectual curiosity."