A Degree Designed for Your Career Destination

The career horizons for MFE graduates are broad and continue to broaden. The Berkeley Haas program prepares you to move forward in the direction that suits you best. From derivative traders to data scientists, quantitative research analysts to risk managers—our graduates are doing it all.

Premier investment and commercial banks, financial regulators, and stock market exchanges rely on Berkeley MFE grads as risk managers, traders, bankers, designers of specialized securities, and more.

As our lives and the global economy become more data-driven, MFE grads are finding their skills in demand far beyond the financial industry. They are creating algorithms for machine learning and working as data scientists in enterprises large and small, wherever innovation is appreciated.

Located next door to San Francisco, the financial capital of the West Coast, and Silicon Valley, home to entrepreneurs of all sorts, there is no better place than Berkeley Haas to launch the next stage of your career.

Sample Career Paths

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