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Ruchir Sharma

MFE 23

U.S. Economist

There is no role you can’t perform with a Berkeley Haas MFE.

Following a passion for economics 

Because I am passionate about economics, getting my MFE in a business school was a big factor for me. It was great being taught by professors like Nancy Wallace who are equally adept at deep learning as they are in finance and economics.

I’m using the quant skills I learned at Berkeley Haas to analyze not just financial data, but many of the factors that can affect economies and influence public policies: human and consumer behavior, sentiment, and labor markets. Economics is an overarching domain that affects everyone.

At Nomura, in both my internship and now in my job, I have the freedom to study and suggest topics that interest me. I enjoy being able to develop and test questions and theories.

Proving your skills on industry projects 

The industry projects are the best part of the program, especially for students who enroll right out of undergrad. They are good exposure to different domains and help you build your résumé.

My industry project with Appian Way introduced me to the buy side and learning how to make money. It gave me a different perspective. 

Working with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) was eye-opening. I was surrounded by talented people using the latest deep-learning technology at a macro level. It also exposed me to a rigorous work ethic. 

Conquering your weaknesses 

As one of the younger class members, I was intimidated at first to be in the classroom with many experienced and highly educated people. But no one diminishes you or makes you feel less than. Indeed, it is an achievement to be accepted into the Berkeley Haas MFE program. Once you are here, everyone is treated equitably.

In our study groups, at first, you play to your strengths, but that doesn’t last. You need to branch out, and the people in your group are there to help you improve on your weak areas.

One of my roommates was fascinated by blockchain. I was not. But slowly, in our conversations over dinner, he pulled me in. And when I took the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency class, I was much better prepared to participate and received a better grade than I expected. 

Benefiting from job search support  

The career management team, Fiona and Jacob, work closely to learn your strengths and weaknesses as well as you do. Even better, they teach you how to shape your CV and cover letters to emphasize your strengths. They encouraged me to be ambitious and prudent in my job searches.

While the job placement rate is important, it is just as important to consider the type of exposure Berkeley Haas gives you to firms all over the world through the networks of professors and alumni. Berkeley Haas alums are everywhere: finance, tech, economics, and data science.

Everyone—the program office, your classmates, and the faculty—are there for you during your internship and job searches. They share their connections and support us wholeheartedly.

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New York, New York

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