Photo of Xuening (Cathy) Cui

Xuening (Cathy) Cui

MFE 20

Quantitative Research Analyst

I sharpened all the tools and skills needed in the future of finance.

Career resources that deliver

I worried at first about the availability of internships during the winter semester. I shouldn’t have. Every firm has an opening for a Berkeley Haas MFE student.

The online application system for internships streamlined the process beautifully. I used the time I saved to prepare for the interviews.

The Career Management Group helped me focus my résumé so it emphasized my relevant skills for specific positions and made it so much more professional.

Dual degree adds flexibility

I set Berkeley Haas as my target school for an MFE degree while I was an undergrad. I made sure to get my prerequisites done and lined up my references for a smooth application process.

Because of the cooperation between Berkeley Haas and Tsinghua University, I earned two degrees at the same time, an MFE and a master’s in finance. That gives me flexibility in a global financial market.

Being in a business school meant our professors were good at both the quant side and the financial market side of business. They taught the real-world implications of quant research and analysis.

Team up with industry partners

During my industry project with BlackRock, my team met weekly with a BlackRock researcher to generate ideas and share our findings.

We talked about the relationships between market sense and reasonable variations and between statistical analysis and models. We discussed data science and datasets, and computer science and coding.

On every team assignment, we balanced our strengths to create synergy. In Stochastic Calculus, one classmate shared his mathematical skills. Someone else contributed work experience on a Risk Management project.

Experienced teachers go beyond the classroom

In every Statistics class, Professor Martin Lettau asked questions that might be asked in a job interview before class. That made the lessons immediately useful and memorable.

Professor Richard Stanton knows all the modeling and nuances of fixed income securities. He is a real expert and an excellent teacher.

Eric Reiner’s extensive industry connections and expertise gave his lessons in Derivatives a very real-world weight and practicality.

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Quantitative Research Analyst,
New York, NY

Previous Degrees

Master of Finance,
BS, Economics & Finance,
BA, Law,
Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management


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