Career Services

No other MFE program delivers the same degree of professional and practical career services that you will find here.

You'll benefit from the wide and deep connections our staff have with managers and executives at top finance and technology firms. We are a trusted resource for scores of innovative companies here in the Bay Area as well as companies in finance hubs around the world. These organizations prize Berkeley MFE students for their mastery of the tools needed to perform at a skilled level and their solid grasp of best practices for the changing technological, human, and global dimensions of finance and data.

The Berkeley MFE Program has a proven track record of MFE graduates receiving job offers at the highest average salary of any program.

Nonstop Personalized Career Support

Our staff supports you throughout the program, from orientation through landing your first post-graduate position.

At orientation, we update you on current job opportunities, market trends, and the skill sets most in demand.

You learn about the importance of résumés, ethics, and preparing for your internship. Throughout your first semester, workshops, panel discussions, and networking events familiarize you with all aspects of the career search.

Jules Landry-Simard, MFE 18

Jules Landry-Simard

MFE 18

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
San Francisco, California

“The career services staff pulls together an amazingly diverse array of high-quality job offers, on the sell and buy side, in venture capital, technology. There is something for everyone.”