Faculty Profiles

A Passion for Teaching

The cornerstone of the entire Berkeley MFE program is its distinguished faculty and the high quality of their courses. At Haas, effective teaching is the top priority. MFE faculty members have regularly earned a median score of "Club 6" in their student evaluations-that is, their median ratings are 6 or higher on a 7-point scale.

In the Berkeley MFE classroom, faculty members emphasize both theory and practice by using a variety of teaching methods. Case studies, seminars, simulations, guest speakers, and group projects all facilitate the learning process.

Kevin Coldiron


MBA, London Business School

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Laurent El Ghaoui


Professor, EECS and IEOR department, and Berkeley Center for New Media

PhD, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University

Research interests: Robust optimization, large-scale text analytics, machine learning

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Terrence Hendershott

Cheryl and Christian Valentine Chair

Visiting Economist, New York Stock Exchange

PhD, Operations, Information and Technology, Stanford University

Research Interests: Management of information systems, role of information technology in financial markets, Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) and stock market design

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Ali Kakhbod

Assistant Professor

PhD, Economics, MIT
PhD, EECS, University of Michigan

Research Interests:
Financial economics, Liquidity, Market microstructure, Big data, Contract

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Amir Kermani

Associate Professor

PhD, Economics, MIT
MSc, Economics, London School of Economics
MSc, Managerial Economics, Sharif University of Technology
BSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran.

Research Interests: Monetary Policy, Macroeconomy and Housing, Household Finance, Securitization

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Gregory La Blanc


BS, Political Science, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania BA
History/Economics/Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania.

Research Interests: Data AnalyticsBlockchain Complex Adaptive Systems Behavioral Law and Economics Alternative Investment Strategies Data and Analytics Strategy Business Model Innovation Evolutionary Decision Theory Behavioral Corporate Finance

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Martin Lettau

Kruttschnitt Family Chair in Financial Institutions

PhD, Department of Economics, Princeton University
MA, Department of Economics, Princeton University
BSc Equivalent, University of Karlsruhe (Germany)

Research Interests: Financial Economics, Asset pricing, Investments, Mutual Funds

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Dmitry Livdan

Associate Professor of Finance

PhD, Physics, The City University of New York
PhD, Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
MPhil, Physics, The City University of New York
BS, Kharkov State University

Research Interests:Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure

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Ananth Madhavan


Managing Director, Global Head of iShares Research, BlackRock Inc

PhD, Economics, Cornell University

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Terrance Odean

The Rudd Family Foundation Chair

Executive Director, Experimental Social Science Laboratory, UC Berkeley

PhD, Finance, UC Berkeley

Research Interests: Behavioral finance; investor behavior; investor welfare; influence of individual investors on asset prices

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Christine Parlour

Sylvan C. Coleman Chair in Finance and Accounting
Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Executive Director, Experimental Social Science Laboratory
UC Berkeley

PhD, Economics, Queen’s University at Kingston
MA, Economics, Queen’s University at Kingston
BSocSci, University of Ottawa

Research Interests: Fintech, Digital Markets, Credit Markets, Finance, Microstructure, Banking

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David Sraer

Associate Professor

James J. and Marianne B. Lowry Chair in Business

Associate editor for the Journal of Finance and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research

Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

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Richard Stanton

Professor, Barbara and Gerson Bakar Faculty Fellow

PhD, Finance, Stanford University

Research Interests: Mortgage markets-prepayment modeling, valuation and hedging, term structure modeling and valuation of derivative securities, application of nonparametric estimation techniques to the hedging and pricing of derivatives

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Johan Walden


PhD, Financial Economics, Yale University
MA, Financial Economics, Yale University
Docent, Applied Mathematics, Uppsala University
PhD, Applied Mathematics, Uppsala University
MS, Business Studies and Economics, Uppsala University
MS, Engineering Physics, Uppsala University
BA, History, Uppsala University

Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Heavy-tailed Risks, Networks and Capital Markets, Insurance

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Nancy Wallace


PhD, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Michigan

Research interests: Mortgage contract design, mortgage prepayment and valuation models, asset-backed securitization and pricing, real estate price dynamics, real options in real estate

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