Applied Finance Project

With the Applied Finance Project, you apply your newly acquired quant skills, tools, and techniques to solve a real-world challenge. This brings all of your knowledge to bear while building both your résumé and your network.

Students form their own four-member teams and choose their own topics, with the guidance of Eric Reiner. Much like a final thesis, the teams write and present papers on their chosen topics.

The project may be done for three credits, with the winning three-credit project earning a $5,000 Applied Finance Project award. 

Winnie Yu, MFE 18

Winnie Yu

MFE 18

Quantitative Analyst
PanAgora Asset Management
Boston, Massachusetts

"My applied finance project team used natural language techniques to analyze news stories and predict market reactions. It was a great opportunity to apply those techniques in a real-world setting, and is an experience I will be able to apply on the job as the finance industry steps deeper into data science."