UC Berkeley

Learn from and among the Best and Brightest

A Berkeley MFE degree places you among the alumni of one of the world’s leading universities. Its name and reputation open doors in the halls of government and commerce, in the arts, in laboratories, and at enterprises around the world.

A look at Berkeley by the numbers introduces you to our Nobel laureates, Field medalists, Pulitzer Prize winners, and MacArthur Fellows in almost every academic field.

As an MFE student, you are welcomed into the larger University of California, Berkeley community. You have access to institutes and think tanks, and are part of a global alumni network comprising more than 450,000 leaders in business, science, engineering, technology, and numerous other fields.

Events on campus—lectures, conferences, competitions, even football games—are your opportunity to meet and connect with faculty and students in other programs and departments.

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Alexander Olson, MFE 17

Alexander Olson

MFE 17

Product Marketing Manager, Data Science & Marketing Analytics (Google) / Product Data Analyst (Waymo)
Google / Waymo
Mountain View, California

“Whenever I hear someone talking about UC Berkeley—its reputation or some of the cutting-edge research that happens there—I think to myself, ‘I’m part of that, too.’ When people realize that you have a Berkeley degree, they are immediately inclined to trust your abilities. It is the ultimate credential."