Living in and Around Berkeley

London. Tokyo. New York. Silicon Valley. Where will your career take you? Whether you see the Bay Area as a temporary home while earning your MFE degree or want to make the move a more permanent one, there are plenty of housing options for the short or long term. Our campus resources, like the Cal Rentals office, are here to help.

Berkeley and nearby communities offer many walkable neighborhoods, options for public transit, and extensive cycling access. San Francisco and other East Bay towns are a quick BART ride away.

There are housing options for families, couples, and singles. The range covers university-owned and -operated apartments, group housing, and off-campus rental housing. Two of the university-owned apartment complexes are reserved for graduate students. This provides a ready-made community where learning and
networking extends easily from campus to home. Off-campus rentals also are popular with MFE students, who often share.

The MFE graduates have been so generous with their time and insights. I am now proud to be part of the next wave of graduates who will carry on that welcoming tradition."

Coco Tsai, MFE 22
Senior Associate, Quantitative Strategies, Blackstone
New York, New York

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