Teamwork Rules in Class and On the Job

Our graduates work on strategy teams, fixed income teams, and cross-market teams, to name just a few. The key word being "team."

Because so much real-world work is done in teams, our curriculum and culture emphasize collaboration and effective teamwork. Every class requires extensive teamwork, and, because your teams change regularly, you will get to know every one of your classmates.

Working on teams introduces you to other ways of thinking and approaching problems. Every team member contributes his or her individual strengths, producing a solid, well-rounded outcome.

Teamwork also gives you the opportunity to explore and discover your skills in collaboration, negotiation, and leadership. You learn to communicate with people whose backgrounds and culture are different from yours. These skills will serve you well in an industry that is increasingly global and multi-cultural.

The emphasis on teamwork in the MFE program makes perfect sense. Teams are the most effective way to cope with the size and complexity of the projects we work on. I learned a lot about how to put together teams that represent a range of skills and expertise, and the ability to work well on a team is a skill I will use my entire career.”

Jonathan Humphrys
Senior Associate, Transaction Advisory Services, EY
San Francisco, California

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