Financing an Investment in Yourself

A Berkeley MFE degree is an investment in yourself. We know that financing any major investment can be challenging, and we are committed to helping you explore all the financing options available, including scholarships and loans. We can help you build a financial bridge between your MFE tuition costs and your career goals.

Estimated Costs for Class of 2024 (Spring 2023–Winter 2024)

Tuition and Fees $80,486
**Living Expenses $33,932
Books and Supplies $972
*Health Insurance $8,528
Total Budget $123,918

The above budget does not include the cost for the required Pre-Program courses as these are preparation courses offered outside of the curriculum. We recommend you budget up to $5,000 for the courses.

The Berkeley Haas Financial Aid Office provides the most up-to-date information about Berkeley MFE expenses. 

*Estimated Health Insurance plan costs are based on 2022-23 actual expenses.

**Estimated living expenses are based on instruction dates and do not account for periods of non-instruction such as breaks between terms or the internship period.

***AB990 Disclosure: Information about the market cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the areas surrounding campus where its students commonly reside can be found on the UC Berkeley Housing Resource page (see Off-Campus Housing > Typical Rent ranges).

Estimated Costs for Class of 2025 (Spring 2024–Winter 2025)

More items and costs will be updated soon!

Tuition and Fees $82,901
Health Insurance (Spring & Summer Only) $2,574

At first, I had qualms about the cost versus the likely outcome my MFE degree would produce in terms of intern and job placement. When the program office laid out the potential return on my investment—which is already coming true in terms of salary and job satisfaction—the decision was obvious.”

Alexander Olson, MFE 17
Data Science Manager Waymo, Google
Mountain View, California

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