Class Profile

We build each Berkeley MFE class to incorporate a breadth of experience, expertise, and perspective. Our students hail from around the globe to come to Berkeley and be at the center of innovation.

Students share a common background in quantitative fields such as finance, statistics, economics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering. Each, however, brings different approaches to problem-solving, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to move industry forward.

Here is a look at the class profile for the most recent entering Berkeley MFE class.

Class Entering 2022

85 enrolled students

average age is 25

32% women

17 countries represented

GRE average quant score (percentile): 93%

GRE average verbal score (percentile): 80%

Average years of work experience: 2.64

  • Average undergraduate GPA: 3.74
  • Bachelor's degree: 76%
  • Master's degree: 24%

Undergraduate Majors in descending order by number of students

  • Engineering, 22
  • Computer Sciences, 14
  • Economics, 14
  • Math, 14
  • Finance, 11
  • Statistics, 3
  • Actuarial Science, 1
  • Business Commerce, 1
  • Other, 5