Photo of Aude Barthelemy

Aude Barthelemy

MFE 13

Vice President, Derivative Analysis
Goldman Sachs

In France, I studied applied mathematics, statistics and economics, but the courses I took were very theoretical. I wanted to gain a more practical approach to finance, and I believed the Berkeley MFE Program would offer the right balance between theory- and industry-oriented courses.

The Berkeley MFE Program helped us develop strong quantitative skills, but what made the program unique was the preparation for interviews and the 3-month internship in the fall. It allowed us to apply the skills and tools that we learned during the first part of the program.

My experience in the MFE Program has been all the more fruitful because I learned not only from my professors but also from my fellow students. The program gathered people from all over the world, and we learned from each other.

Previous Degree

BS, Applied Math and Statistics

ENSAE ParisTech


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