People come to Berkeley Haas to change their careers. They leave here ready to change the world. Throughout their careers, our students, faculty, and graduates use the tools of business to create positive impact.

It starts with our culture. We embrace new thinking and intellectual curiosity. We believe in the power of collaboration and inclusiveness. People come to Berkeley Haas confident in their abilities, yet aware that there is always more to learn and explore.

Like you, we don’t hesitate to ask questions. We make decisions based on evidence and rigorous analysis. We understand the need to lead ethically and responsibly, to take the long view, and to put larger interests above our own.

At Berkeley Haas, you will be part of a talented, supportive community guided by a shared commitment to our four Defining Leadership Principles: 

Question the Status Quo

We measure success not by incremental progress, but by the disruption of mindsets and markets. We speak our minds, especially when it challenges convention.

Confidence Without Attitude

We make decisions based on evidence and analysis, are confident and able to act without arrogance. We lead through collaboration and trust.

Students Always

Our community thrives on curiosity and lifelong commitment to intellectual and personal growth. We learn from each other and from faculty, appreciating our diversity of experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

Beyond Yourself

We shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly, taking the long view in our decisions and actions. We understand the need to put larger interests above our own, and we support our classmates’ success while in the program and as alumni throughout our careers.

Pedro Zonari, MFE 18

Pedro Zonari

MFE 18

New York, New York

“Being around my classmates was enriching in every sense. They all were incredibly smart and willing to try new things. The mix of young people and those with more experience in the industry or academia meant everyone brought a different perspective to discussions and projects.”