Complete the same rigorous curriculum as in our one-year option, but at a slower pace. Full-time students take 7 units each term and part-time students take 2–6 units.

Curriculum Overview (Two-Year Program)

All MFE students must complete 28 units of coursework, plus a 10- to 12-week internship or industry/independent study project. If you're employed while attending the program, you may be able to use your employment to meet the internship requirement.

First Year

March 2021—March 2022

Orientation (March | 1 Week)

The program kicks off with an informative and social orientation. During this week-long introduction to the program, you'll get to know other new students and gain a sense of what the classroom experience will hold. The orientation features team-building exercises, lectures, and workshops on special topics, including a thorough overview of the job market and career resources.

Term One (March–May | 8 Weeks)

Term Two (June–July | 8 Weeks)

Term Three (August–October | 8 Weeks)

Internship (October–January | 10 to 12 Weeks)

Term Four (January–March | 8 Weeks)

Second Year

March 2022—March 2023

During your second year in the program, you may also take core courses and/or complete the internship/independent study project if you haven't already done so in your first year.

Term Five (March–May | 8 Weeks)

Term Six (June–July | 8 Weeks)

Term Seven (August–October | 8 Weeks)

Internship (October–January | 10 to 12 Weeks)

You may complete your internship or independent study project during this time if you didn't complete it during your first year.

Term Eight (January–March | 8 Weeks)

Learn More & Apply

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