Are you interested in hiring a Berkeley MFE? Learn more about:

Resume Book

The Berkeley MFE Resume Book is free to recruiters and employers. For electronic access or to request a hard copy please contact Fiona Taft at (510) 735-4631 or

If you have a position that you would like shared with the MFE students at Haas, please contact our office. We will work with you to get the word out quickly to our students.

Note that before you call, it helps to have the following:

  1. Position Title and Description
    • Firms that provide detailed information about the available position and the company have the most success finding appropriate candidates.
  2. Position Start Date
    • If you have an immediate start date for your position, we can also email the posting to our MFE alumni for their consideration.
  3. Preferred Method of Submission
    • Students can apply for positions in several ways: directly to the email address listed in your posting, through your company (or third party) website, or through our office.
    • If you would like us to collect the submissions, we will keep your email address private, organize the files according to your preference, and email them to you in a compressed (zip) file.


Note: Due to COVID-19, interview methods and locations have changed.

Hiring International Students

We encourage you to include international students on your interview schedules for both domestic and international positions.

It is not difficult to hire an international student. Work permission for internships is authorized by officials on the Berkeley campus without employer involvement. The students are eligible to apply for their Social Security Numbers starting 30 days before they begin their Curricular Practical Training (CPT), provided they have an offer in hand (the offer is a requirement for obtaining the SSN). Our program is STEM-OPT eligible. 

You can obtain more Information regarding social security at UC Berkeley's International Office.  Graduating students work for one year under the practical training provision of their visa while the employer applies for the H-1B visa to extend work eligibility. A complete explanation of the H-1B visa process is available at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration site.