Part-time Option

The part-time option allows you to complete the MFE program over two years instead of one. This is a great choice if you'd like to continue working while pursuing your MFE degree. Plus, you can apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom immediately at work!

Please note that we cannot issue an F-1 visa for part-time students. International students who choose the part-time option may work with their employers to get an L1 or H1B visa.  International students may elect to take courses remotely from the country in which they are based.

Compare MFE Program Schedule Options

Full-time Part-time
Duration 1 Year 2 Years
Program Start March March
Cost* $76,610 $76,610
Degree Berkeley MFE Berkeley MFE
Student Type U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, International Students U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, L1 or H1B visa holders, International Students
Units Per Term 7 2–6
Mode of Instruction In-Person (on campus) Online or In-person (on campus)

*Estimated costs for class of 2022 (spring 2021–winter 2022). Part-time program paid over two years.

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Neil Gulati

Neil Gulati

MFE 23

"The part-time MFE program offers the opportunity to work and attend classes simultaneously, granting us the ability to graduate with both valuable industry experience and the prestigious MFE degree. I was able to learn skills in the MFE program and immediately apply them directly in my job - the part-time MFE provides instantaneous value."