Alumni Network

Even with its global reach and impressive membership—450,000 UC Berkeley grads, 41,000 Berkeley Haas, and 1,100 MFEs—our alumni network is a remarkably tight-knit community. 

You will find Berkeley Haas and UC Berkeley grads everywhere innovation and big data play a role—in finance, technology, health care, engineering and science. No matter which direction your career takes you, or to which continent, you can rely on your alumni network to connect you to the local community.

As your career unfolds, you will find your Berkeley Haas network at leading banks and companies in every part of the finance sector: Goldman Sachs, Moody’s, Deutsche Bank to name a few. In the tech sector, MFE grads following a path in data science work at Google, Facebook, and Opendoor. Other MFE alumni have gone on to found and work in innovative enterprises like SumUp and Aralian Capital.

You also can stay connected with the MFE program by advising on curriculum, leading workshops, and providing insights to current students by speaking on campus and recruiting the next generation of Berkeley MFEs.


Ivan Nurminsky

MFE 18

Portfolio Manager

"The Haas Alumni Network is a tremendous asset. From the Bay Area to New York to Singapore, you can be sure of a warm welcome when you reach out. For my internship, I was part of SumUp Analytics, a startup launched by one of our professors and a Berkeley MFE alum. After graduation I had the chance to return to Singapore to join a new macro fund headed by another alum. Only the Berkeley MFE program could have presented me with two such wonderful career opportunities."