MFE Steering Committee

The MFE Steering Committee is established to help the program fulfill its goals by strengthening the ties between industry, faculty, and students. The committee is composed of top experts who help inform the curriculum and are committed to helping Berkeley MFEs in their professional development. 

  • Nathan Coelen, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Aude Barthelemy, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • Ioana Boier, Senior Principal and Applied Researcher - Financial Services, NVIDIA
  • Richard Bookstaber, Co-Founder & Head of Risk, Fabric
  • Gifford Fong, Founder & President, Gifford Fong Associates
  • Robert Giannini, Head of Alpha Research, ExodusPoint
  • Jim Gilliland, President and CEO, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel
  • Jaime Lee, Managing Director, Head of Dynamic Equity Investments, PanAgora Asset Management
  • Bob Litterman, Founding Partner, Kepos Capital
  • Ben Meng, Executive Vice President, Franklin Templeton
  • Roshan Raman, Head of Quantitative Research, Woodline Partners LP
  • Michael Ryerson, Portfolio Manager, Centiva Capital
  • Michael Sternberg, Managing Director, BlackRock 
  • Aamir Sheikh, Managing Director, Goal Investment Management 
  • Lavanya Viswanathan, Lead Solutions, Beacon Platform
  • Hui Wang, VP Data Science, Paypal